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Phil Martinez Design

This site proudly uses HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

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My name is Phil and I'm a web & graphic

designer / front-end developer.

I love Design.

Here's my awesome story

In under a kb!

I started dabbling with graphic and web design at a young age and as I grew older, it became my passion. I'm obsessed with building things and even more obsessed with perfecting them. I pride myself in having a high attention for details and make it my priority to create a unique and innovative solution for every project I take.

I also have a passion for music and produce electro/dubstep as much as I can. All my tracks can be found in the music section and are available for free.

These are my tools for pixel magic

html5 css3 jquery php with code ignitor firebug 3ds max illustrator aptana photoshop wamp

Most people say "Part designer, part developer"...

That's A little too broad for my taste.

00.0 & 00.0
Designer Developer
web design

I produce creative and high quality solutions for websites, wordpress & various applications of digital art.

Web Design services
  • Website Design
  • Valid HTML & CSS Coding
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
Wordpress services
  • Theme Development
  • Theme Modifications
  • Valid Wordpress Coding
  • Integration for Existing Website
  • Custom Back-end Additions
  • HTML / PSD Conversions
Digital Art services
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • 3D Design

My Process

phil martinez design

Experimenting with 3ds Max + Photoshop.

Krakatoa is a conceptual design for a medium sized creative design agency.

A poster design I created for the founder of Motive8.


A theme I developed for WordPress.

Homeland Insulation

Homeland Insulation already had a website, but was in dire need of a redesign. I took them from the 90's and brought them into the light of modern day.

phil martinez vector family

An illustration I created of a happy group of people. Cute right?

CDL Heart Phil Martinez

Coeur De Lion is a Creative Services Company located in Zambia. On a Business trip to America, the Co-Owner of the company found me. The rest is history.

phil martinez s and m remix

My remix of the Rhianna song S&M played to a video I made using 3ds Max + After Effects.

Kathryn Mccoy Design

Kathryn Mccoy Design, a global leader in high-end home decor, worked closely with me to build a representative and dynamic website. The outcome was better than had they ever imagined.

lawrence giveback phil martinez

Lawrence Giveback hired Philsquare to thoroughly redesign every aspect of their website. What we delivered was an extensive custom built Wordpress solution catered to their specific needs with responsiveness for mobile.

phil martinez teapot

The outcome of a night off work and some compound meshing in 3ds Max. Whoever said teapots couldn't be badass.

Constance Culpepper

Constance Culpepper is an artist who was having problems for years finding a web designer who understood what she wanted. Her bad luck ended when she was introduced to me.

Fuzztone Records

Fuzztone Records wanted a place to display all of their artists and upcoming events. I delivered a Wordpress solution that was built around their ideas.

INA Alert phil martinez

INA Alert is a communication application being developed by Philsquare. I got to help out on the project by delivering a clean and descriptive homepage design.

bold imagination

Bold Imagination Videography came to Philsquare in need of a clean and elegant website design. What I presented them with far exceeded all expectations.

Lawrence Tweetup

Lawrence Tweetup is a gathering of local Twitter/Social Media users in Lawrence, Kansas. I was hired to design a Wordpress theme that represented the ideas of the group.

motiv8 entertainment

Motiv8 Entertainment hired me to design and develop a custom Wordpress soltion for their needs. The job entailed a custom UI in the backend, Youtube syndication, mp3 streaming and a voting poll for users.

phil martinez fade away

A digital piece I made back in 2009 using Photoshop

phil martinez panther

Sometimes I just get ideas in my head that I need to bring to life. This was a header image I made for my old website.


I was commissioned by Shadowtrader to completely overhaul their website starting from the ground up. It was my job to design and develop a wordpress solution with a custom back-end interface and integrate a full eCommerce platform.

Don't hesitate to reach out and say hello!

phil martinez
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